Does it really matter who reports the news?

25 May

Yes, it does matter who reports the news. Generally, most TV channels report the same news stories with similar information and format, but it’s how the presenter brings the news into your lounge room that counts. Some news reporters go about their story in a certain way that draws people in. They tend to have this certain connection with their viewers which keeps them watching. You’ll also find that most reporters will have their own perspective on the story.

People form different opinions on news channels and the way the media reports the news to the public. You’ll always get those people who just say well who cares all they do is read off a screen so why does it matter so much?  The majority of people who watch the news enjoy being able to have some connection with the reporter.  People are always saying the news does an excellent job of informing viewers of current issues, but they can also easily spin the stories in a specific direction and this is why people tend to favour certain news reporters. 

Do you ever wonder why the news always chooses to have good looking, well dressed, blonde woman as most of their reporters?

The different networks do have a way with trying to get you to like everyone on the news. They are continually ‘advertising’ their own presenters so you are familiar with them. Sometimes it’s by putting them on other shows, such as dancing with the stars, etc.

The way some of the different channels set out the way they present could be better in my opinion. I personally chose to watch Prime news in the morning as the people on it seem more casual and all interact with each other.



I formed my opinion on the question, does it really matter who reports the news by asking different people in my family and doing some research by looking at some other blogs. I found that most people think it matters who reports the news and I quite agree with them for obvious reasons stated above and the fact that if you don’t like something about the person reporting or someone on that show, you’re not going to watch it.

I didn’t really have a targeted audience in mind while writing. There are a few logical fallacies, the main ones I found were the loaded question in the first question about why it matters so much about the who reports it. A bit of black and white and/or loaded question in my question about the way reporters are chosen. Also a bit of genetic in the second paragraph.


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